Monday, 11 November 2013

The Great Australian Summer

The Australian summer is almost upon us and it’s a time of year that I love as the kids are on school holidays and the great outdoors beckons as the weather warms up. Summer to me is firing up the backyard bbq on the weekend and enjoying lunch alfresco style, watching the kids play cricket in the midday sun and of course swimming at the beach and backyard pool for hours on end. And as much as I love this and many more things about the great Australian summer, the one downside to it all… sunburn!

Sunburn has the potential to turn a glorious day into a few days of regret with sore and tender skin and the potential of long term skin damage. However, with a bit of planning, sunburn is something that can be easily avoided by following a few easy tips.
  • Avoid sun exposure between the hours of 10am to 4pm if possible when the sun’s rays are most harmful
  • While swimming wear 50+UPF sun protective swimwear such as long sleeve rashies, swim shorts, swim suits and a broad brimmed hat or flap hat
  • Always use a 30+ spf sunscreen in the sun and apply liberally especially after swimming and exercise 
  • Don’t forget the back of the neck, ears and other sensitive exposed areas of the body. Wear a legionaires hat 
  • Remember to cover your hands when driving or enjoying activities such as golf, bush walking or gardening and wear sun gloves 
  • Practice sun safety when enjoying water sports such as water skiing, or boating and remember that the sun’s rays are reflected off the water 
  • Teach your kids sun safety and enforce the policy of “no hat - no play”
The sun is something to be enjoyed not endured and by putting these tips into action we can ensure that our kids and family experience the summer holidays for many years to come sunburn free.

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